Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Google Docs

I've been using google docs to create some online spreadsheets lately in the hope that they'll be an online alternative to Excel Spreadsheets. Frustration reigned......simple tasks like cutting and pasting, automatic updates of cell references after inserting or deleting columns or rows were problematic. All those things you take for granted in Excel, just aren't there yet. There are some good things though, and for simple spreadsheets having them immediately available to all online is a really nice feature. They also have some interesting "gadgets" which you can use to graphically display your data. The interactive chart, text cloud, and the world map were three things that I used. Problem with all of them though, is that they don't provide access to enough properties for the gadgets. With the world map, I was able to create a "heat map" that illustrated the % price change for foreign exchange rates between two user defined dates. Problem was I wanted my world map to show red if the rates went down, and green if they went up. Only option I had was white for bad, orange for good. I was able to get something up and running in a pretty short time frame though, so take a look if you like:


  1. Had a look a some of your posts. The google doc appears to have a format error on the data. Wonder what I am doing wrong.

    PS. I too am using google spreadsheets ans accessing them trough my cell phone on days I am not at a computer. I haven gotten them to read a html table page successfully yet.


  2. appears that the'data format' is invalid for this vizualization.

  3. Take a look at from Microsoft!! Yes ONLINE Office!