Friday, December 18, 2009

Industry Overview Workbook

Just finished creating an Industry Overview Workbook. This was in partial completion state for quite some time, but with the help of Randy's SMF Addin, I was able to finally finish it off.

Purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide a high level view into the performance of various US based industries. The workbook is made up of 4 worksheets.

The first worksheet is the Industry Monitor worksheet. This allows the user the ability to monitor the performance of various industry specific "indexes" that have been created by Yahoo. There are currently 215 of this indexes and you can monitor a real time price for them. These indexes are generated by rolling up market cap adjusted pricing of the underlying stocks that make up the index. As part of this monitor you can also see a selected set of aggregates for the given industry. A filter is included in this workbook to enable the user to drill down to the industries of interest given their specific criteria.

The second worksheet is an Industry Visualizer worksheet that allows you to see a heat map of the various industries. A simple red (for down) and green (for up) set of conditional formatting is included on this page, which allows you to see at a glance what industries are up/down for the day.

The third worksheet is an Industry Constituent worksheet which allows you to look at the individual stocks that make up the selected industry. You also have access to see sector aggregates, for the sector that the industry belongs to. Again, filters are turned on for this worksheet allowing you to drill down to a specific set of constituents that you are interested in.

The final worksheet is an Industry News worksheet that allows you to access headlines (RSS feed) from Yahoo for the industry of interest.

In totality, this workbook should give you a good picture about what is currently going on within a specific industry. Unfortunately, I could not find data that would allow you to get a historical perspective on whether the industry was doing better or worse than it has done in the past.

This workbook is available at:

Feel free to provide your comments about this workbook on the blog, including enhancements or any bugs that you find within the workbook.


  1. I installed the smf_addin (RCH_Stock_market_functions.xla) in excel 2007. I am able to get other many of the examples on the smf group working but when I try toteboard I get an error of the following type:

    VBA Debugger opens up with the error which says "Compile error: Cant find projecet or library"

    any idea what could be wrong? is there some other xla file which I am missig?

  2. btw if you know the issue could you please email me at Thank you so much for providing this!